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About Wheelwrights Lumber CO

Lumber Storage — Wheelwright Lumber CO in Ogden, UT
Wheelwright Lumber Company has a large fleet of delivery trucks in all sizes from big semi tractor with a 48' trailer to small 16′ flatbed trucks and box vans. Our trucks are computer tracked to make sure your order is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Our History

History — Wheelwright Lumber CO in Ogden, UT
Wheelwright History In 1890 Thomas B. and George M. Wheelwright opened a second hand store in Ogden, Utah . The store sold anything that was resalable. It also provided gun repair, locksmith and basic handyman services to the area.

In 1894 the business changed its name to Wheelwright Brothers Mercantile Co. Inventory was expanded to include new stove, hardware and crockery.
In 1907 a sawmill was built on the current property between 24th and 25th on Quincy Avenue . At the time, it was considered the outskirts of town. Before long, the demand for precut lumber soon exceeded the production ability of the mill. In 1908 the name of Wheelwright Lumber Co. was officially adopted.

In 1984, Hal W. Wheelwright became the President and his son Paul the Vice President. A long time employee Gwen A. Skiby was named treasurer.

In 2002, Paul Wheelwright took over as President and Hal Wheelwright became Vice President. Gwen A. Skiby remained treasurer.

Due to increasing business and to better serve our customers, In August 2004, Wheelwright Lumber Co. relocated to their brand new facility at 3127 S. Midland Dr. , on 6 ½ acres of property that contains a larger store and door shop with 10,000 sq ft. each, a warehouse with 20,000 sq ft, as well as a rail spur to bring in quality lumber products by the carload for savings to our customers.


Wheelwright's lumber is second to none. Very high-quality compared to Lowes or Home Depot.
-Bill Bixby
I had a great experience with Wheelwright Lumber and their door department. I would never go anywhere else.
-Kasey LaRose